Dirty Table Clothes

First Impressions…

In an effort to keep our church black table clothes looking sharp, I loaded 12 of the most stained, most wrinkled clothes into the Jeep and drove them to Dash Cleaners (for you locals – Van Dyke and Gunn). It just so happened that God had set up a Devine appointment between me and the Hindu owner – Harjit. He was curious and I was seeking a good deal. But he gave me the time and I just followed the strange instuctions of the Holy Spirit. After sharing my heart, faith, and heartbeat of Grace, my new Hindu friend wants in on this “Jesus thing going on at our church.”

His offer:

· 25% off of every one of our church dry cleaning bill.
· And here is the really cool part – 10% back to Grace in the form of his “tithe” for each Grace Family member who uses his store for their dry cleaning – mailed to Grace each month.

God you are so cool!

So if you call Grace Family Church home, and feel led, drop off your dirty stuff at Dash Cleaners (17623 Gunn Hwy) and be sure to tell them that you are from the GFC! Our new Hindu friend is now funding Kingdom work.

God even works through dirty table clothes…


2 responses to this post.

  1. that is the coolest thing i’ve heard all day!!!

  2. Posted by Jeff Stubbe on January 24, 2008 at 11:01 AM

    Good God story Roy. Isn’t it amazing how things seem to “pan out” like that? Submitting to that little voice and following it’s direction always leads to a great story. A great God story! One of my favorite bumper stickers reads, “A coincidence is a miracle that God didn’t get credit for”

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