That Starbucks Feeling…

Just took a field trip to Starbucks with my team.

The assignment – answer the following question – What did I “feel” after my trip into Coffee Mecca?


1 – Every item for sale is priced at its highest possible price point. Could this equal perceived VALUE?

2 – Is it me or is there an almost perfectly indirect relationship between the complexity of my coffee order and how much power I feel I have in the world at the very moment of me placing my order? I can make the barista do whatever I want with that espresso machine and paper cup. Come to think of it, most service-oriented companies exist to fulfill this very need, and the church is perceived no differently.

The real growth that I see everyday is in just these types of services: manicures/pedicures, spas, massages, fancy bakeries, high end toiletries, and doggy toy stores. The hard goods or services are just the excuse for the real transaction – how are you going to make me FEEL about visiting your store/church/etc.


Messy Mocha Skinny Latte…



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