A Better Way?


Jeff McGuire from Mariner’s Church recently taught some principles of sermon preparation. He used Joseph Campbell’s classic mythology and hero archetype as a possible model to follow. It was awesome stuff – and I’m not even a Star Wars geek. Here’s a quick overview of the content applied to a student ministry:

  • Start in the ordinary world – what are the questions/thoughts students share?
  • Make a call to adventure – what if there was another way to live?
  • Refusal – give students a way out
  • Threshold – a guide to walk down the path
  • Belly of the whale – better to continue the journey, harder to turn back
  • Road of trials – the ideal pathway to escape danger
  • Boon – benefits of making a change, sermon in a sentence
  • The Return – return students to the ordinary world changed.



One response to this post.

  1. I like the fact that it’s still our world, changed for the better. There is no fantasy world. Heaven is very much a reality for God, so why can’t it be a reality for us?

    The principles of Christ’s kingdom (vertical) as opposed to the kingdoms of the world (horizontal) can transform our lives.

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