Creating the Wow

“You do what for your church?”

I get this question a lot.  My job is to help create a “WOW”.  I’ve got 10 minutes. And that ain’t a lot of time.

Modeled after Granger Community Church, here is my every Saturday night and Sunday morning focus:

“When people step onto the campus of Grace Family Church, they come in contact with numerous volunteer teams that are all here to make sure your experience here at GFC is a great experience. We want our guests to say “Wow! I’m impressed,” within the first 10 minutes of their visit. We want people to know that they are important to us by providing a warm, and
safe environment for them to take their next step toward Christ.”

All that we do is done to point everyone to Christ and Christ alone.

This is the ministry called First Impressions. And I get to wear the name tag of Director.

But here is the cold hard reality. Everything that you and I do every moment of every day should be done to point people to their Creator. We don’t need some silly title or magnetic name tag. All we need is a passion for our Savior.
All of these volunteer teams make up the Granger Community Church’s
ministry of First Impressions.


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