Suite Singing…


“Hey Roy, I’ve got an extra ticket for this weekend’s Casting Crown concert — we are sitting in a suite! Wanna join us?”

Immediately four things appealed to me:

1) Casting Crowns, one of my all time favorite bands. Love their heart and passion and subtle cynicism towards RELIGION.

2) Hanging with my friends. These guys mean the world to me – David, Jerry, Brian, and Derrick.

3) Sitting in a Suite at the Arena? Are you kidding me? Cush leather chairs, own bathroom, even our own servers?

4) The ticket was free. I’m all about getting financially healthy right now. The price was right.

Leeland opened. If you have not listened to this young band – do so today. These guys are headed to the top. Check out their song “Carried To The Table”. You will be blessed.

But an interesting social dynamic occurred last night during the concert. Sitting in the Suite, we were a bit detached from the crowd. Now, nothing ushers me into worship quite like music. And the band didn’t have to tell me twice to stand as we together worship our Creator through song.

But I quickly noticed that I was one of the only ones standing – you know that feeling, when you just feel all alone? Kinda awkward? Someone in our Suite jokingly said, “you don’t have to stand, we are in a box!” All of a sudden I felt this pressure – like if I stand, would I be blocking the view of the others? Would I be a distraction? This battle went through my mind, while a worship opportunity passed by.

It made me think – wow, how often do I miss opportunities to worship because I’m more worried about what others think. And how often do I feel like I’m too important to worship my God with the sincerest of heart’s, all because I sit in a “Suite”… and you don’t do that in a “Suite”.

Fortunately I chose to worship. Who Am I…Life Song…East to West…Voice of Truth. Wow.

But that’s what it takes usually – you and I choosing to worship. Oh, make no mistake, everyday we worship something. But we must physically, mentally, and spiritually CHOOSE to worship the ONE alone who is worthy of our worship – in and out of our Suite, with our friends and alone, when worship costs us nothing and when it costs us everything.

I love you MY God. May our Life’s Song sing to you……..


2 responses to this post.

  1. I was there, too! I got to take my daughter, Erica. We had a great time! What a great ministry. What a great band.

    grace & peace,

  2. I was there, too! I got to take my daughter, Erica. We had a great time! What a great ministry. What a great band.

    grace & peace,

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