2:00 pm on a Tuesday afternoon…

Certainly I can steal away a few minutes by slipping inconspicuously into my favorite booth here at Panera Bakery. A mug of Hazlenut is almost as good in the afternoon as it is in the morning, right?

So I fired up the Mac Book…blog inspiration to the left, mug to the right. Ready to write. Check the battery life – 28 minutes. Deadline! It’s ok, I can crank out a post – love the pressure.

“Mr. Roy!!!”

Suddenly my cozy booth is filled with 4 teens from our youth group – home school students working on some school project at Panera in the middle of the afternoon (oh how wish I was home-schooled).

Sneak a glance at my battery life – 19 minutes.

And for the next 16 minutes I get to listen to God stories after God stories. These teens are on fire for God. Casey proceeded to share with me how amazed he is at how BIG our God is. “Mr. Roy, it’s like our universe is Mt Everest…and the earth is like a golf ball…and we are on the golf ball – and we are the size of half of an amoeba.

(Battery down to 6 minutes (gotta blog gotta blog)….

And God holds it all in the palm of His hand!!!”

Pow. Like a slap to the face. Wow. God you are amazing – so much bigger than any problem.

After 4 high 5’s, I watch them head to their car. My plan had been interrupted. My battery is now down to 2 minutes – a power loss is eminent. But my day was just blessed far beyond any solo blog entry I could crank out.

Do interruptions bother you? They do me. But today I was reminded that interruptions are sometimes God’s way of getting our attention. Interruptions are God’s blessing delivery vehicle.

Embrace interruptions…


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