Religious Trends

It was H.G. Wells that once said “Satan delights equally in statistics and in quoting scripture….” ~ The Undying Fire
Statistics do tell a story.
We’d be foolish not to track religious trends and stats too, because a national story is developing. And it’s not pretty.
My dad sent me the following results from an extensive faith study. Check out some of the key findings of this groundbreaking study of the American religious landscape released last Monday by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life.
Among the findings:
1. One in four adults ages 18 to 29 claim no affiliation with a religious institution.
2. The majority of the unaffiliated —- 12 percent of the overall population —- describe their religion as “nothing in particular.”
3. Atheists or agnostics account for 4 percent of the total population.
4. The Roman Catholic Church has lost more members than any faith tradition because of affiliation swapping.
5. On the Protestant side, changes in affiliation are swelling the ranks of nondenominational churches, while Baptist and Methodist traditions are showing net losses.
6. More people identified themselves as Buddhist than Muslim, although both populations were small —- less than 1 percent of the total population.
So what?
This is just further proof that while the Gospel message must never be compromised or changed, the delivery must remain relevant. What was widely accepted as traditional approaches is failing today at a rapid rate.
Still doing church the same way your daddy did church? It is very probable that your congregation is aging and your reach is short.


One response to this post.

  1. I am somewhat hesitant to comment..but here goes…could it be that organized religion has left something to be desired as far as leading people to Christ?…Just wondering, since those statistics show that fewer people are going to church or claiming an affiliation with a “religion”..I think that religion itself is the problem..religion tends to set people apart from others..tends to compartmentalize what should be something promoting unity and what should be a “body” becomes mere pieces strewn here and there…to follow Christ one must find harmony with others of the same intent..but also must be willing to go after those who don’t know Christ and to be willing to share their knowledge of Him…that is where religiousness has failed in many ways..I think the problem with the “religious” is that they tend to profess it…but when church is over…so is their religiousness….This is not true of everyone who attends church…but it is true of enough, so that church has become a big turn-off to many who are “church shy”….The answer lies in being more real about why we go to church…is it to have church or to be The Church…There is a big difference..anyone can have church anywhere..but to be The Church is to live a life as close as you possibly can pleasing to emulate Him…to honor obedient, and to be constantly aware of Who He is and how important it is to have a relationship with Him that involves more than a couple hours on Sunday morning!

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