Being a good Daddy…


Today is one of those days that I am struggling with my confidence of being a good dad.

If you are a parent, maybe you have had days today too.

Am I a good dad? Compared to what? Relative to what? Am I doing enough? Am I teaching my girls what I need to be teaching them? Do they know that their dad loves them unconditionally? Oh sure, I tell them everyday that I love them….but do they KNOW?

So many questions…

There are plenty of books on the shelves of our local bookstores that tell us how to be good parents. But I’m sure you will agree that THE only book that truly matters is the Bible. This morning I read an article by Jerry Bridges that is helping me.

If the Bible is the ultimate source of instruction – I ought to be interested in the Top 3 Christian traits that were taught by example or precept right? Here they are:

1 – Love – taught 50 different times throughout the Bible.

2 – Humility – a close second, 40 times.

3 – Trust In God – a surprising 3rd place, would not have guessed this. This concept is taught at least 13 times.

So this morning I’m taking an inventory of my parenting skills. My litmus test are the 3 above benchmarks. How am I doing in teaching my girls LOVE, HUMILITY, and to TRUST IN GOD? Do they just hear these 3 from me or do they see all three lived out through me?

If all of our parenting endeavors are filtered through these 3 traits, we will be at least on the right track.

Wow, I have a lot of work still to do. My days as a daddy to my teens are short, and the lessons are eternal.


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