Next To Drive


She was right.

I had not logged the hours teaching my 2nd oldest daughter CC to drive that I should have – she gets her permit in a few weeks!!!

So Saturday afternoon was the big day.  We headed to an empty parking lot, swapped seats, and off she went.  Other than confusing the brake for the gas pedal and whip-lasing her old dad, she did great.

This parking lot had scattered traffic cones everywhere – perfect for a little driving game.  We set up an obstacle course and it was game on.  One specific challenge was “see how close you can get your front bumper to the cone”.  Her first brake left her a good 5 feet from the cone. But each try afterwards got her a little closer to the the target.  Finally he bumper stopped just inches from the target (then she goosed it to knock over the cone, just for fun, and just to get a reaction from her old dad).

Life lesson?  How often do you we stop short of our potential just because we have misjudged the target?  Sometimes all we need is a little encouragement to press in a little closer.  What we lack in confidence, we can regain with just a little courage. Life is too brief to play it too safe.

In life I would rather bump the cone FIRST and then back off, rather than laying up short and spend my life inching my way towards the goal.


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