You Can Only Pick 2…

Sitting in a production meeting today, we were confronted with a challenge…

…and we were stuck.

Our challenge was then framed within the following theory:

Have you ever heard of the Good-Fast-Cheap triangle? You can choose any two, but you can not have the third one. If you want “it” to be Fast and Good, it won’t be Cheap. If you desire Cheap and Good, it can’t be done Fast. If the company wants it Fast and Cheap, it can’t be Good.

Draw a triangle and write one of the words; Good, Fast, and Cheap, at each point. You can choose any two, but you can not have the third one.


Good + Fast = Expensive

Choose good and fast and we will postpone every other job, cancel all appointments and stay up 25-hours a day just to get your job done. But, don’t expect it to be cheap.

Good + Cheap = Slow

Choose good and cheap and we will do a great job for a discounted price, but be patient, VERY patient.

Fast + Cheap = Inferior

Choose fast and cheap and expect an inferior job delivered on time. You will truly get what you pay for.

What 2 have you chosen in your Faith Journey?





One response to this post.

  1. Great insight Roy! I’ve never seen it broken down that way, but I certainly have lived it! 🙂 Most of the time as church leaders we don’t have the luxury of $$$, so that usually requires taking more time, lest the results turn out mediocre. But, I will say that I think it’s more about the right people doing the right things according to their strengths. That can make all the difference!

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