My Princesses


There exists a certain level of anxiety that only dads of girls share.

And some of us have the pleasure of multiplying that angst by 4.

How does a man daddy a girl? This mystery has confounded us fellas throughout the century. We ARE one of “other team”. We know what those boys are thinking and HOW they are thinking. Men are made by God to protect. And all I want to do is protect my princesses. But my castle has been infiltrated by the enemy. Ughhhh.

So what can we do?

* Pray for them all the time

* Tell them that I love them unconditionally

* Show them that I love them unconditionally

* Tell them that I believe in them

* Be a part of their lives daily

* Did I say pray?

At the end of the day all I can hope for is captured by a quote on my 16 year old’s MySpace (secured) page:

“A womans heart should be so hidden in Christ, that any man should have to be diligently seeking Christ to find it.”


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  1. Great post that any woman can appreciate!

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