A Better Question

images.jpegChristian cliches – I’m convinced that our lazy habit of tossing around these cheap excuses of a real and vibrant faith work as a deterrent to drawing THEM to HIM.

As I get older I find myself challenging the cliche giver with counter statements like “faith is more complicated than that” or “truth is not always black and white”.  And then I somehow feel better that I have taken a faith position superior to the lazy cliche giver. But the truth of the matter is that if I stop there, I am equally as lazy as my counterpart. Do I really believe that the faith journey must be so mysterious and complicated?

Am I ignoring the TRUTH that I do know by focusing on what I don’t?

Sure, mysteries of our faith and even God Himself are many. But couldn’t we live for 100 years in the truths of love, hope, kindness, and trust? You and I have been commanded to love. Why am I expending so much of my energy trying to figure out the mysteries of our faith at the expense of the certainties?

Eugene Peterson is quoted as saying “The most important question we should ask is not ‘What does this mean?’ but ‘What can I obey?”

You are I have received our assignment for today. God wants us to accomplish something very specific for Him over the next few hours. Don’t spend your time trying to decipher the meaning of your assignment. Instead ask – can I obey?

Our answer better be yes, and our actions must be certain.


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