Dominion Sensor

images2.jpeg You have one…I do too.

Mostly it’s silent…until triggered.  But once its tripped, its a 5 alarm happening.

Mine just went off  a few minutes ago.

Today is my CC’s big day.  She turned 15 yesterday, which here in Florida means that you can drive!  So she and I had an 8:15 am date this morning at our local Department of Motor Vehicles for her to get her learners permit.  Guess that explains her early alarm – had to primp for that all important drivers license picture.

So as we were waiting in line for the office to open, a car pulled up and a foreign couple got out and moved quickly to the front of the line – cutting in front of at least 10 of us who were patiently waiting in line. BANG – that set off all of our Dominion Sensors!

Their cultural “no-no” brought the rest of us otherwise total strangers together in a collective sigh and eye roll.  It was now all of us against these two.

But maybe it really wasn’t their fault. Wiki says “Different nationalities view queueing and also therefore the concept of cutting in line differently. In some countries in continental Europe – Italy, for example, people are less inclined to join or form a queue. They tend to move directly to their goal without paying attention to others who are already present. In these cultures, it is perhaps also more likely that existing people will object if they feel disrespected (thereby maintaining some sense of balance). In countries where there is an instilled sense of “fair play” and more of a reserve to talking to strangers (such as the UK), many times people will remain silently frustrated at what they have witnessed.  In former Communist countries, where waiting in long queues was a near-daily occurrence for some, especially at times of rationing, the act of waiting in line and the code of conduct associated with it is much more institutionalized and regimented to this day.  In Russia, for example, the art of queuing is finely-honed: it is acceptable for a person to leave the queue to use the bathroom (or similar brief diversion) and then return to their original place without having to ask permission. It is also common for a person to be allowed to jump to the front of the queue in special cases, like the need to purchase a ticket for an imminently departing train.”

But none of that plays here in our country – no way!  We all learn at an early age that “no-cuts” means NO CUTS!!!

I did what any testosterone male trying to protect the excitement of his 15 year old princess would do – I challenged him at the front of the line.  With his female partner and my daughter urging us both to back down, I politely but firmly stated my case, and he stated his.  Seems that his appointment was more important than everyone elses.  At the end of our exchange of..umm…ideas, we went first.  Ha! Victory! ……right?

Sometimes my competitiveness overrides my Christianity.

While I could justify my actions (I was showing him a characteristic of God – justice), I failed to show him the love of my Creator.  And it’s one thing to blow it on our own, but when you blow it in front of your daughter…ouch.

So the next time your Dominion Sensor goes off, I pray you think before you act.  As hard as it is to love that person at that very moment, we are called to do nothing less….


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  1. Posted by Michelle on March 17, 2008 at 11:08 AM

    I emphathize with you. There is this lady that seems to walk the recreation trial everytime that I do. The first time I saw her she was walking on the wrong side. I promptly grew concerned as I saw many bikers swerving to avoid her. When I reached her I explained to her that you have to walk on the right side and I even showed her the arrows and signs. I struggled to explain to her as she didn’t speak any english. She nodded politely walked about 20 feet(on the right side) and then promtly moved back to the other side. In the past weeks I have seen many people try to explain it to her and she always nods and moves and then switches back to the wrong side. I find myself fuming everytime I see this. I know that eventually she will cause an accident and someone will get hurt but what can you do about people who just think they are above the rules and rules don’t apply to them….nothing except pray and not let them ruin your day.

  2. this happens to me all the time. people just walk up and get right in front of me. it is perplexing. i think God is testing me. sometimes i pass, sometimes i fail. i guess if i can not worry about someone getting in front of me, i am really beginning to “die to self.” -tina

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