Blessing Uncovered


First off – there are far greater minds that have far superiors abilities to define this powerful theological happening called “Blessing” than me. Who am I?

But this chase is how I learn…it’s how I grow. Jump in with me.

In Greek, the word Blessing means “to speak well”.

“Blessing, like cursing, is an object of belief in primitive religion” states The Theological Dictionary of the New Testament. “There are beings and forces from which good and life and power derive, as well as those from which evil comes. The transfer is made by actions, gestures, contacts, or especially words. According to primitive belief something material comes with the blessing. Once set in motion, as when a father blesses his child, the operation is irresistible unless thwarted but equally strong opposing forces”.

Check out the story of Jacob, Isaac and Joesph in Genesis 27. The gift of our ability to bless is usually to our heirs. The Bible teaches us that this blessing can only be given once and is irrevocable. But even when Jacob blesses his son Joseph, he does so in the form of a prayer to God – “May He bless thee with the blessings of Heaven above.” – Genesis 49:25

How do we as parents bless our children? For me, I know my girl’s love language. I know how they best receive love from me. This is critical in achieving that connection. If you are not familiar with The Five Love Languages, click that link to see the book. Once I was clear on how they heard me, I began the Blessing process. My heart was to penetrate their being with my unconditional love, acceptance, belief in them, belief in their future, and to let them know how proud I am of them as their daddy. Not for just their accomplishments, but for who they are as young ladies. I praise God that my mom and dad Blessed me.

Did you receive a blessing from your parents? Have you given your blessing to your children? It is never too late. For many, the lack of a parental blessing hinders their ability to receive the blessing from their Creator. Maybe, just maybe, your blessing to your child (no matter how old) may unlock their heart to receive the eternal blessing of our Savior.

Someone once said “The blessing of the father builds the children’s house.”

Mom and Dad, hand your child his hammer.

…tomorrow – The Blessing from God.


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