Easter 08

Gonna sound strange, but one of my dreams has always been to be on the “inside” of a church service for one of the BIG ones, Christmas or Easter. To play a small roll in impacting literally thousands of people for the Kingdom has always been my sole (and soul) purpose.

Dream fulfilled this past weekend.

Record attendance for 4 services at Grace meant only one thing – we had but 1 opportunity to make a meaningful First Impression on 8,000 people searching in their own way for THE WAY. Despite our best efforts, I’m sure we fell short in many areas – that’s gonna happen. But lives were touched, and God promises that His word never returns void. We did our part, now the rest is up to Him. Go God!

I had a God moment Friday afternoon that I must journal. Someone had the great idea that instead of handing out the notes and announcements, we place them on every chair before each of the services. Sounded good at the planning meeting?! The sanctuary seats about 2,500 people…4 services…yeah…SOUNDED like a good idea. So late Friday afternoon, with my arms loaded with handouts and ear buds in each ear pumping bass enhanced praise music from my phone, I went to work.

The church was empty – just me and the empty chairs – lots of empty chairs. Sometimes God uses music to break through to me, and He chose to use Dennis Jernigan’s “Who Can Satisfy” on that Good Friday. As I worked and praised, I could not hold back the tears – I prayed over each empty chair. Someone may sit in that very seat and be at the end of their rope. Someone may attend church over Easter as a last resort. I probably started to sing a little to loud and pray a little too emotionally but at that moment I really didn’t care (nor did I know) that I was not alone in the sanctuary. I communed with my Creator…had some face time with God that I so crave.

The notes were replaced after each service by my incredible team of volunteers (I wonder if they had some face time too)? The services brought glory and honor to God, just like I pray your church services did too.

Minutes ago I received this email from one of our pastors that I want to share with you:

Dear GFC team:

What a weekend! Easter “08” is behind us and we forge ahead to the next adventure. I could talk about the explosive, record setting numbers of people that attended this past weekend, or the fact that the media along with the spoken word by Pastor Craig went flawlessly, or that all of our volunteer’s spots at each of the four Easter weekend services were filled; but that would be minimizing what really counts.

As I walked away from the 2nd Service on Sunday, I stopped to wish someone a “Happy Easter” before getting on the shuttle to the volunteer parking. This person said what a blast it was for him to bring his family that was visiting from Michigan. His parents were skeptical at first, but decided to come. For the first time, he said his dad asked questions about his relationship with Jesus and why they went to a church that was so non-traditional. After explaining the “why” to his father, the father replied, “if I would have had Jesus presented the way they just did (GFC); I would have done a lot more with my life.”

Always remember what matters most. All of the lights, cameras, videos and even sermons, pale in comparison to when Jesus shows up and begins to remove the veil from the faces of people. And you, yes, you play a part in this! According to scripture, what you bring to the house of God for the others will be added to your account in heaven.

Charge The Hill of Excellence!!!!!!
Pastor Q

Yea…even more incredible than I imagined from the inside – thank you God for allowing me to do my little thing in your amazing story.

…goooo God !!!


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