Pancakes for How Many?


“Roy, will you quarterback our Grandpa’s Famous Pancake Party”?

A party, pancakes, and event coordinating? Three of my most favorite things – “I’m in.”

Should have read the fine print. Prepare 4,220 five inch pancakes for 2,100 hungry weekend church goers, ok?

My first action was to pray. God loves it when his kids have a party in His name right? And He must love grills and early breakfasts too – all “Hes” love that! My next step was to contact our men’s ministry coordinator. Guys love grills. Guys love breakfast. Within a few days I had a team of 30 flap jack flippin men ready to feed an army. After a huge Sam’s Club run and griddle gatherings from local eateries, we had all of the resources in place for the weekend.


– Anything is possible if God is in it.

– Placing people within their gifting increases work output exponentially. We all have our sweet spots.  Operating here is not work, it’s a blast!

– You can never buy enough butter and syrup for 4,000 pancakes.

– Fresh hot pancakes served on a beautiful crisp morning makes people happy.

– You and I were made for “community”. Our society works against that.

– Our big churches must work intentionally to regain that small church feel.

I think Grandpa would have been proud.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Sounds like a party of flapjack lovin’ folks! I don’t know hardly anyone who doesn’t appreciate a good pancake! Don’t you feel like a professional now after all that pancake flippin’?

  2. smiles Ruth. it was fun! but i am far from a professional. in fact, they didnt let me near the grill!

  3. Good Stuff Bro! Even though I speak against pancake breakfasts in my book, I really don’t mean it. WOuld have loved to have been there!!! Keep on doing what HE has you doing!!!

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