Lunch With Dad

images.jpegI am so thankful that I have a mom and dad that love God and are still such an integral part of my adult life.  I treasure every moment we have together.

Yesterday I had lunch with my Best Man.

Over a Tuscan Chicken Wrap he asked me questions like – “Does prayer change God?” and  “Why pray?”

I knew I was being set up  – I hit the bait hard and ran with it anyway.  He had hooked me.

But then we parked for a moment on this:

Is praying something we would naturally do in our flesh?

With everything inside of me wanting to say yes, I couldn’t.  I know my flesh.  I know how selfish I am.  I’m too busy, too tired, too preoccupied.  God knows I love Him…right?

And then my dad shared the following thought with me:

“It is His Spirit within us looking to the Father that draws our hearts to Him in prayer and a partnership with Him in His mission on earth”.  – PRAYING THROUGH THE BIBLE by Cheri Fuller

That’s it!

His Spirit in me is yearning to connect with THE Creator.  And yet I continue to be the number on obstacle to that moment by moment, day by day, connection.

Father forgive me for getting in the way.  Right now, as I type this sentence, I yield to your Spirit within me.

All that AND he bought my lunch too?  Wow….


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by suz on April 4, 2008 at 10:59 AM

    ahh…. the big ‘set up’…. love it! the man is good… thanks for the insight on prayer- and for the answer so i can be prepared when he sets ‘me’ up next….

  2. Bro – good one. In recent days I’ve become convinced that my prayers are too small when we have such a HUUUUUUUUGE God who can do anything. Today walking around downtown San Francisco I found myself in an ongoing prayer with God, and I could truly feel Him walking in step with me…rather, I could feel myself walking in Step with Him. It was a very cool time, me and Him, hanging out and chatting…

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