Letter To The Editor

I would guess that all major newspapers have a “Letter to the Editor” section.

My local paper The Tampa Tribune does, and it’s a section that I read each morning over my Hazelnut Coffee and whole grain toast topped with honey and all natural peanut butter (still cant get used to that).

I like the relevancy of these letters. People write what’s on their hearts. Sure most of it is meaningless filler. But even that gives me some useful insight.

Ever since I read a published letter-to-the-editor submitted by a friend of mine, I have wanted to play along. I want to feel a part of my community. I want to join in the communal dialogue over what is important in my little geographical slice of this big world.

So after reading today’s published letters concerning global warming, taxes, politics, and an ongoing debate over the state song of Florida (yawn) I decided to give it a try. Oh I know, after you read my entry you too will yawn. My subject is not appealing to the masses…but it is to me.

And you have a God given agenda inside of you too. Maybe you have felt resistant to share? But your family, circle of friends, community, city, state, nation, or world may just need to hear what God is stirring in your heart. Maybe you need to write a letter to the editor or maybe you just need to take someone to lunch.

But if God is stirring His message inside of you, doing nothing is not an option. Start small. Then ask Him for your next step.

Here is my letter to the editor:

Thank you for your comprehensive coverage of the NCAA Women’s Final Four and even the season leading up to the tournament. As a dad of 4 girls and the varsity girl’s basketball coach at Citrus Park Christian Academy, I appreciate your time, effort, and exposure given to women’s athletics. While their athletic ability may never match that of the men, their fundamental emphasis is to be admired and even replicated in the men’s game (and Candace Parker could post up the most of us guys).

These female student athletes gave hope to the thousands of our Bay Area young ladies by inspiring them to be the best they can be. And the Tampa Tribune delivered this powerful message. Great job!

Eternal significance?

Not really. But by speaking out, I have gained just a little more courage for the next step. And only God knows how eternally significant that next step may be.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by graceunbound on April 10, 2008 at 11:43 AM

    Why do I get the feeling that God just poked me with a stick and said “Hey there, listen up you!” A year ago I was certain there was a God given agenda inside of me, certain that the time was coming to find my voice and start sharing what was on my heart. And then I lost my courage because I didn’t want what was on my heart to be rejected. And I started to doubt that He really had an agenda inside of me. Slowly I’m finding my voice again. Slowly I’m trying to find His agenda. And along He comes with your post, poking me and saying “See? Keep going.” Like you say, doing nothing is not an option.

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