A Father’s Heart

The last time I heard that phrase, “A Father’s Heart”, was over dinner with sweet friends of mine, Pat and Katherine Thomas. She was trying to encourage me after I confessed that I continue to sabotage some parenting lessons with our girls. I just cant help but to give them more than they need. I know there must be balance, but I guess I naturally error on help side.

That’s when she said – “It’s OK, that is just your Fathers Heart”.

I’m not sure I knew I had a Fathers Heart until that very moment. Oh I “had” it, but Katherine validated it. She identified it and gave me permission to use it.

Today at TGI Fridays over chicken fajitas, I saw my own father’s heart. How is it that our dads have this innate ability to sooth a troubled heart? With all of the industry changes going on within my profession, challenges abound. Big challenges. But in a way that only a father could love, he listened, loved, shared, teared up, and then loved some more.

A Father’s Heart.

And as incredible as his love felt, the Holy Spirit reminded me that it is just a fraction of how much our Heavenly Father’s heart beats for you and me. He wrote the book on LOVE.

Men, someone needs your Father’s Heart.

And when you pillow your head tonight, tune in to Pappa God. His arms are big. His love complete. Abide in Him. Let Him love you…He can’t help it – it’s His Father’s Heart.

Thanks Dad.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by judy on April 15, 2008 at 6:23 PM

    Hmmm. My father died when he was very young and so was I. I missed his love all my life. Thanks for your post because now when I see my husband “giving in” when I am more apt to say “no” to our children, I can understand better. I am blessed to have a husband with a father’s heart. And so blessed to know I have a Father who Loves me right where I am.

  2. Posted by suz on April 16, 2008 at 6:01 AM

    we are beyond blessed (shut up- i like that word!) God gave us OUR dad….. rest assured your girls are too! you are an amazing father to them… i know. i watch you and know how fortunate they are to have been given YOU as their dad. i love you!

  3. Thank you Lord for being a Father.

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