The Junk Drawer

All I needed was 6 volt battery – the round kind.

So I went to where all odd things reside, the junk drawer. Do you have one of these too? Maybe my house is the exception, but I kinda doubt it.

Junk drawers are the disorganized secret no one else should see. We throw everything in there, and when we need to find something it’s impossible.

All I wanted was a silly battery. In my recon mission all I found was frustration.

Design flaw: This kitchen drawer has a tray within to…I guess…keep things organized. But this tray is just one big box with the top cut off – snuggly fitting with the side walls of the drawer. Purpose? Hmmmm.

So as I dug through the sporks and magenta colored easter egg dye, I managed to lodge one of the 17 pens under the tray, preventing the drawer from closing – ughhh. The more I tried shifting the junk around, the more my frustration level rose and the worse the drawer jam became.

Now if you live in a household of primarily men, the contents of your drawer must look vastly different than mine. As I jettisoned junk, I was tossing hair clips, nail files, make-up, unmentionable female products, and nail polish. Seems that most of the above bounces upon slate tile with little harm…other than the nail polish – it shatters. I think it takes a sand blaster to remove that clear coat stuff from tile and my fingers. That stuff is like Elmers Glue on steroids.

Despite the mess and frustration, I managed to clean out the junk drawer. The messy contents didn’t accumulate over night, so the clean up could not be instantaneous.

Isn’t that a lot like the sin in our lives? We shove the yuck into our personal junk drawer and then lose our religion trying to sort out the mess. All the while our God just wants us to give Him access to the mess and immediately the chaos is clean – with no sticky residue.

How do we organize the junk drawer?

  1. Dump Out the Junk – Get honest with Him.
  2. Throw Away Trash – There is no condemnation for those who are in Jesus.
  3. Take Out What Doesn’t Belong – Rebuke the lies of Satan.
  4. Sort Everything Else – Talk with a friend. Things are not so overwhelming when you talk the out.
  5. Find A Drawer Divider – Seek His will for your life. He has a path for you.
  6. Sort the Items Into the Organizer – God is a God of order.
  7. Enjoy and Maintain Your New Drawer – Where there is order, there is peace.

Thank you God for your grace and mercy. Here is my junk drawer….


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Chuck on April 21, 2008 at 4:09 PM

    Bro….I see Gorila Glue in that pile. Just add a roll of duct tape and you can capture that drawer back for the men’s side.

    Serioulsly, I love your analogy. Thanks for the reminder.

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