…and I’m Just Livin’ In It

“In a consumer culture, the customer, not Christ, is King.”

– Skye Jethani, editor of Leadership Journal

While stuffing my face here at Panera Bakery with too much of a good thing, I wondered out loud a dangerous and controversial question:

But first, let me set it up.

My sister Suz challenged me back into regular posts.  I’ve been cyber quiet for the past 4 days, stuck on this very entry.

The question: If I spend my life simply stuffing my face with God’s goodness, am I wasting away a lifetime?

Now the question behind the question:

I am guilty of overindulging in my latest crave.  I will wear-it-out long before I should.  A few of my recent addictions:

  • – PF Changs
  • – The Apple Store
  • – Politics
  • – Speed Racer – the best cartoon series EVER !
  • – Grace

Every addiction can lead to a loyalty.  But my heart is centered on one unending loyalty to Jesus Christ.  After all, I have enough loyalty to spread around…don’t I?

Is Jesus King of my life, or am I?  Do I act like I own my world?  OMG I think I do…

I think I act like I own all of the resources of this world…all of my relationships…all of my time…everything is there for me to consume every waking hour of my life – gorging my face with every resource of my kingdom.

Then I come face to face with this reminder:

“The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it.” – Psalms 24:1


There is nothing that I will come in contact with today that I can call my own.  Nothing! Nothing! Nothing!  Not even my loyalties.

Makes me think about The T-shirt that reads “This is God’s world, and I’m just living in it.”

Our God wants us to enjoy this world of His, but from our rightful position.  Win Collier once wrote “God has given us His world to enjoy for our pleasure.  But we are caretakers, not owners.  Our first question is not What do I want from this world? But rather, What does God want to do in His world? How does God want to heal His world? How does God wnat to love broken people in His world? How does God want to speak life and truth and hope and justice into His world? And how does God want to use you and me iin His redemptive work?”

Yea, stuffing my face with God’s goodness alone has been giving me a stomach ache for some time.  Now I know why…


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by suzpatrick on May 9, 2008 at 12:54 PM

    that was easy- i didn’t even have to double dog dare you.
    welcome back.
    i missed yew.

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