Too Far?

Taking “relevancy” too far?

Heck NO!

When you are a missional minded church, you must remain true to the Gospel AND culturally relevant. So for the next few weekends we are going to the BEACH !

Or should I say, we are bringing the beach to Grace Family Church. Tons of sand are being shoveled into our Sanctuary. The front rows of seats have been removed and the church family has been encouraged to bring their own beach chairs and blankets (and to leave the Coronas at home – or least in the coolers in their cars).

Tiki huts, beach umbrellas, the sounds of surf and sea gulls, and some big surprises await the crowd this weekend. All of my First Impression team, ushers, greeters, parking guys, bookstore, and guest services will be wearing their favorite Hawaiian shirts.

Many will grumble that this is NOT church. And you know, they are right. In fact, “church” as we know it today is NOT church. Our mission is to reach our community with the love of Jesus Christ. Could this be a flop? Heck yes – kinda like the time we brought in a magician as a pre-service show to the series called ‘Illusions”. But…I love Grace’s motto of “never make the same mistake twice, lets just go make a new one!”

Our communities are hungry and they don’t know what for. We have the life and truth. Our challenge is to provide the connection point. But we must NEVER water down the Gospel while striving to maintain a cultural relevancy.

Not doing anything this weekend? I’ll meet ya at the Beach….


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by suzpatrick on May 15, 2008 at 10:22 AM

    holy cow! that is ‘outside’ the box! love it!

    so tell me… as director of first impressions are you responsible for clearing the sand AFTER the service too?

  2. ha – clean up? Ummmm…you mean it all doesn’t just fit back into the box?

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