Crazy Love .4

To me a good book, just like a good friend, is measured by it’s ability to turn me towards God.

As the pendulum swings…

Legalism vs. Permissiveness

Rules vs. Freedom

Free Will vs. Sovereignty

Law vs. Grace

Perhaps we all spend our lifetime bouncing between the 2 extremes, when in fact the mysterious truth of God’s Crazy Love for you and for me rests somewhere in the middle.

In Francis Chan’s book Crazy Love, he knocked the wind out of me with his take on being lukewarm. What if this “back slidden” condition is much more grave and eternally significant than I ever thought? Me and God are still wrestling through that one.

But what about grace? What about those of us who are hooked on grace? Chan writes:

* “I do not want true believers to doubt their salvation as they read this book. In the midst of our failed attempts at loving Jesus, His grace covers us.”

* “Each one of us has lukewarm elements and practices in our life; therein lies the senseless, extravagant grace of it all. The scriptures demonstrate clearly that there is room for our failure and sin in our pursuit of God.”

* “His mercies are new every morning. His grace is sufficient. I’m not saying that when you mess up, it means you were never really a genuine Christian in the first place. If that were true, no one could follow Christ.”

* “The distinction is perfection (which none will attain on this earth) and a posture of obedience and surrender, where a person perpetually moves toward Christ. To call someone a Christian simply because he does some Christian-y things is giving false comfort to the unsaved. But to declare anyone who sins “unsaved” is to deny the reality and truth of God’s grace.”

OK, so right about now I was beginning to feel a little better about my sinful self. But then he closes chapter 5 with this:

* “I know that this whole swimming-upstream, pursuing-Christ, taking-up-your-cross, counting-the-cost thing isn’t easy. It’s so hard, in fact, that Jesus said the road is narrow and few will actually find it.”

* “Like the parable of the sower, don’t assume you are the good soil; don’t assume you are one of the few on the narrow way.”



2 responses to this post.

  1. You always seem to know what I need to hear when you post.

  2. thanks J. God is good that way isn’t He?

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