Are We The Body?

The above picture is sad but true of many of our faith walks today. Oh sure, the systems are in place, and they look good on the outside. But in a crisis……..

The economic downturn is applying overwhelming pressure to many of us. Undoubtedly you know someone who faces an uncertain future do to the economy. Most “experts” say that it will only get worse before it gets better.

Their lyrics haunt me. Someone close to me once said that she did not like this band because what they sang about was too convicting. I get that.

But if we are the body…

She calls me out of desperation. Her message on my cell phone is hard to understand through the tears.  A single mom with 2 beautiful young children. Black mold has destroyed their home and made her so sick that she can’t work. Her home insurance company has denied her claim, stating that it was the faulty installation of her roof that caused the toxic mold, but the roofer is now out of business. Living in a hotel, her last few dollars run out at the end of the month. Shelters are full, low income housing has rejected her, she and her children will be homeless in less than 2 weeks.

Why aren’t His arms reaching?

Her church has done all that it’s benevolence policy will allow. I get policies, I really do. But????

Why aren’t His hands healing?

Her friends have given “all” that they can give. Have they? Really?

Why aren’t His words teaching?

“We are praying for you” will not put a roof over her head and food on her table for her children.

And if we are the body why aren’t His feet going?

She is desperate. And she represents someone that God has placed in your path as well. You know who they are. Your heart hurts for them, but maybe you too have thrown up the token prayer for them and then moved on…you are busy…and you have your own problems.

It’s easy to be “the church” when it’s easy….

“Do you suppose for a minute that you can cut faith and works in two and not end up with a corpse on your hands?” – James 2:20 (The Message)

Times are hard. Your neighbors are hurting. You may be hurting too. But now it is time to live out your faith. You know – that Faith that without works is dead?

Do something – TODAY.

Why is His love not showing them there is a way? There is a way….


3 responses to this post.

  1. ROAR!

  2. Roy,

    I haven’t commented much in a while. That is a very convicting post. Very well done with the pic. I feel very concerned for the poor in the face of the cost of gas. Serious times and serious responsibility for believers!

  3. you are so right Gabrielle. we as believers must act, and act now.

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