Are we serious about living out our faith? I mean really serious?

I regularly pray for opportunities to share the love of Jesus – but I’d rather the chances come on my terms. You know, fit my schedule….be nice and neat…and have a happy ending.

But if I am really going to take up my cross and follow Him – it’s on His terms, not mine.

Case in point:

I vaguely remember saying yes to being a part of a group of dads that were to do something like minister to a group of kids. And then 2 days ago I got this reminder email:

Dear Fathers,

Thank you so very much for helping facilitate God’s move tomorrow evening at the church. In faith with prayer and momentum we will move into what God wants to do. I pray for all of us to have the spiritual sensitivity to minister in a way that would please our Heavenly Father. This generation needs to know Father God’s love and experience His love on a moment by moment daily basis. So many have no idea what it’s like to have a participating Father who loves them and cares for them and wants to be involved with their everyday lives. It is my prayer that God’s presence will so permeate the room that we are all in awe at His magnificence and splendor!!! May Father God minister to all of our hearts and bring the reconciliation needed in order for us all to advance in our relationships with Him.

Tonight! Ughhh. Tonight God? Don’t you know how busy I am?

To complicate matters, our youth pastor is out – the direction falls upon me.

The setting:

  • About 30 high school student leaders – somewhat mature in their faith.
  • Larger room, lights off. Tons of candles.
  • Soft piano music.
  • Dramatic skit about the love, then loss of a father.

And then….

The transition is mine.

Somehow the Holy Spirit is going to have to use me to facilitate the connection from this heart wrenching drama, to the 6 stand-in dads positioned around the room. Their purpose – to communicate to those kids, who are struggling with the wounds from their fathers, this:

Tonight, I want to thank you for allowing me to stand in the gap for your earthly father. God’s hope is for reconciliation between you and your father. I am here to facilitate healing in your heart. I am asking you on behalf of your earthly father to forgive me. Will you forgive me for not being there for you? For not loving you the way you need me to, by expressing my love in a tangible and verbal way. For caring more about my work and my activities than about you and your activities, for not telling you everyday how valuable and precious you are to me, for not praying over you and petitioning God on your behalf, for not protecting you from the dangers and the pitfalls that have invaded your generation whether its through what’s portrayed on T.V., in movies, music, or things coming across your computer. And most of all for not helping you protect and guard your own heart because I didn’t realize how important my role is in the family. I’ve made many mistakes and I ask your forgiveness. I want God’s best for your life and I ask for God’s blessings over you, my precious child!

I am praying that those young wounded hearts may be able to take a baby step closer towards their Heavenly Father. And I’m praying that I don’t screw up whatever the Holy Spirit may be doing.

I usually prefer to at least have an outline when asked to speak. Tonight I go in with nothing.

More of Him and less of me. I think I kinda like it….


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by suz on May 27, 2008 at 9:49 PM

    wow…. just. wow.

  2. Posted by Rob on May 27, 2008 at 11:23 PM

    You may or may not know right away, but if anything close to what I think may have happened, your evening Roy, was not a waste, and there is NOTHING else you should have been doing but this………….no matter how busy you were. Thank you for standing in the gap for some of these much needed kids. This was exactly what they needed..!!

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