A Father’s Love

Some of my biggest blessings comes from email responses to some of my blog posts.

With permission from my friends, take a look at these exchanges:

Roy I just read your post about the meeting on Tuesday night. I almost posted this comment, but I hope it is okay to share it with you personally:
My father died when I was very young. My first step-father abused me for years. I prayed for a father-in-law I could adore; he was another flawed human and fell short, but it wasn’t his fault. At 72, my mother is in the process of divorcing her third husband (I always was reticent to call him my “step-father”). It took me so long to understand that my Father in Heaven Loves me no matter what. No matter the stupid things I do or say, no matter the length of time I keep Him “in the box”. He waits for me and every time I turn away from my ignorance and toward Him (repent), He sweeps me up in His open loving kindness. If only we aspire to Love like He does…we, too, will fall short…but then, what more could we do?

I just reread your email.

Thanks again for the tender insight into your life. God is writing His love story in and thru you. This very truth is my heart beat and passion for young people. Your story is the story that so many need to hear – though our earthly father will (not may) fail us, He never does. I am just naive enough to believe that if we could truly grasp this truth, our faith journey would be so different. Sin would look so less appealing.

Again, thank you.


And this:

Your post today really hit a hot button with me. A majority of men,
> myself included, have become very passive in their spiritual life and
> the lives of their families. I read within the past couple of months
> ago that 100 women involved in the church will translate into about 35
> – 40 families involved in the church, 100 children/youth will
> translate into about 50 families and 100 men will translate into about
> 97 families involved in the church (keep in mind this is my
> recollection, but I believe it is very accurate – especially the
> involvement of men). Men have forgotten and/or become passive
> regarding the leaders that we are called by God to be. Last year our
> church started Men’s Fraternity which, among other things, deals with
> the wounds caused by fathers – either by us as fathers or to us as
> children. It has been a great reminder and wake-up call about my
> responsibilities as a father, husband, and follower of Christ. My
> words just do not do justice to some of the changes I have seen and
> heard. I am on my journey with this and it has become my mission over
> the last year. My impression is that men are passive about this,
> usually defaulting to the standard issues of work, life, etc. or they
> are scared about stepping up and being the leader (spiritual and
> physical) of the family or life outside of work. I know my knees
> buckled when I felt the calling of this ministry. I just wanted to
> join in, not lead something new! My final thoughts are that we (men
> in general) just don’t realize what an epidemic the lack of leadership
> or just plain ole stepping up in the lives of our children or families
> has become. I know it has made a big difference in my life and I hope
> the lives (my kids).
> Sorry for the rambling, as I was kind of free thought typing. Keep up
> the great work and I’m glad your back blogging. Your words and
> messages always seem to challenge me in one way or another. What a
> wonderful medium you have created for reaching out to others and I
> love to see your readership growing.
> All the best,


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