Mountain Moving Faith

The imposing structure rising above the town is Mount Crested Butte in Colorado. The view is from our balcony, just minutes after sunrise today.

After some incredible worship and prayer time, we hiked up about about a quarter of the mountain. Funny, Tampa is about 20 feet above sea level, where the oxygen is plenty and the path is level. Here? Not so much.

* The peak elevation of Mount Crested Butte is 12,000 feet.

* Our room is at an elevation of 9,000 feet.

* This morning we managed to hike an elevation of about 1,000 feet.

Each day our plan is to make it just a little bit farther until we make it to the top. There is something about conquering the obstacle that lies before you. It takes a little bit of faith…and a little bit more faith to go a little bit farther than the last attempt.

Still not sure what kind of faith one needs to move a mountain, but I know I don’t have it…yet.

Perhaps faith is like a muscle. Yea, a sore muscle…


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