Continuous Partial Attention

Organizational Processes – ahhhhhhh, just reading those 2 words, back to back and out loud, makes my heart sing.

I know, I need help. But I can’t get enough of anything that helps me cram more into my waking (or even sleeping) hours.

Guess that’s why the following stopped me in my tracks.

Steven Levy on continuous partial attention and “The Attention Economy” at an Emerging Technology Conference:

“But there’s a problem in the workplace when the interruptions intrude on tasks that require real concentration or quiet reflection. And there’s an even bigger problem when our bubble of connectedness stretches to ensnare us no matter where we are. A live BlackBerry or even a switched-on mobile phone is an admission that your commitment to your current activity is as fickle as Renée Zellweger’s wedding vows. Your world turns into a never-ending cocktail party where you’re always looking over your virtual shoulder for a better conversation partner. The anxiety is contagious: anyone who winds up talking to a person infected with [continuous partial attention] feels like he or she is accepting an Oscar, and at any moment the music might stop the speech…Constantly being accessible makes you inaccessible.”

Can’t help but wonder – is this one of the devil’s most effective tools of our time?

It’s often so hard for me to hear that quiet still voice of my Creator in a hush…impossible through all of the NOISE.


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