Why Pray? – 3

Day 3 of 22…

“Sometimes I wonder if the words I use are the least important part of prayer.”

“The well known Pastor Haddon Robinson begins almost every sermon with the same brief confession: “God if these people knew about me what you know about me, they wouldn’t listen to a word I said.”

“Jesus warned His disciples not to pray like hypocrites, who loved to preform in public; instead they should go into a closet and pray to the Father, who alone sees what is done in secret.  His instructions have puzzled some commentators, who note that the one-room houses of Jesus’ day, probably including His own, had no closets.  Jesus must have been using a figure of speech, suggesting that we construct an imaginary room, a sanctuary of the soul, that fosters complete honesty before God.”

“Henri Nouwen once said “To pray is to walk in the full light of God, and to say simply, without holding back, I am human and you are God. At that moment, conversion occurs, the restoration of the true relationship. A human being is not someone who once in a while makes a mistake, and God is not someone who now and then forgives. No, human beings are sinners and God is love.”

“Prayer allows a place for me to bring my doubts and complaints – in sum, my ignorance – and subject them to the blinding light of a reality I cannot comprehend but can haltingly learn to trust.”

“My image of God determines my degree of honesty in prayer.  Do I trust God with my naked self? Foolishly I hide myself in fear that God will be displeased, though in fact the hiding may be what displeases God most. From my side, the wall seems like self-protection; from God’s side it looks like lack of trust. In either case the will will keep us apart until I acknowledge my need and God’s surpassing desire to meet it.  When I finally approach God, in fear and trembling, I find not a tyrant, but a lover.”

My friend Jeff wrote me asking for answers, and fast!  I’m with you bro.  If I could read the last chapter first, I would (I think).  But the answers to this mystery called prayer are unveiled with precise intention during each leg of our journey.  I cannot and must not miss the answer He has mercifully revealed to me today, right now, just because my eye is on the Summit and not the path ever before me.


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  1. Posted by James on June 20, 2008 at 3:08 PM

    a great book Roy and Jeff is “Intercessory Prayer” by Dutch Sheets. It answers the “why pray” question unequivocally. I did a whole message on it in Oct. of 05 called “The Prayer Necessities”. Much of the content was taken from Sheet’s book. I have it on i-tunes if you want a copy.

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