Prayer Update

From recommended books to blogs, websites to even Nooma videos, I now have in my possession more “does prayer change God” resources than I can possibly sift through while trying to maintain my daily discipline of writing.

Thank you friends for your help.

As my dad wrote to me, “Any discussion that causes you to think about God is worthwhile.”  I hope that you too are pressing into your Creator – wanting to connect with Him in a new and fresh way today.

While I continue to read and read and read, I did come across something that provoked a thought. While on the surface it seems a bit disjointed from the prayer discussion… maybe it’s not:

From Monday Morning Insight

Recentley the Cramer-Krasselt ad agency compiled a “2008 Cultural Dictionary,” featuring new words and phrases gathered from magazines, Web sites, blogs, and conversations. Here are a few samples from their list:

Bershon — the angry/bored/too-cool-to-care look that 12- to 18-year-olds sport in every family photo. (I have a 12-, 14-, and 16-year-old, so I know this look all too well!)

Compunicate — chatting via Instant Messenger with a co-worker who’s in the same room, instead of speaking to him or her in person.

Meatspace — real life or the physical world, conceived as the opposite of cyberspace or virtual reality.

But here’s my favorite. I really want to work this one into my daily vocabulary:

Passion Bucket — a metaphor for a job or endeavor that can fulfill one’s sense of mission and ambition.

Hmmm.  What is your passion bucket?  Could it be that whatever it is, THIS is your God given mission for your faith journey?  This is your purpose.  This is your destiny.

OK, back to this prayer thing….


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