The shadows of Dennis, Emily, Katrina, Rita, and Wilma still lurk large for many of us.

If you live in one of the gulf coastal states of the USA, June 1 is a big day each year. It’s the beginning of Hurricane season. By  June, sea surface temperatures in the Gulf of Mexico are usually 80 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s one thing that hurricane forecasters watch for because sea surface temperatures of 80 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer are needed to power tropical depressions into tropical storms and grow them into hurricanes.

We Floridians have grown accustomed to living with one eye on the summer surf and sand, and the other on The Weather Channel.  It’s our tropical way of life.

But why am I more concerned with a possible Category 5 Hurricane than I am with my neighbor who doesn’t know Christ.  Why am I more worried about temporal property damage than I am eternal damnation?

Word association works for me.

Somewhere someone placed into my brain a trigger to think lost souls when I hear or read the word Hurricane.  It is my reminder.  I forget.  I’m too busy.  My train ticket to Heaven is punched.  To hell with those not on board – I don’t have time to worry about them, I gotta stock up on my supplies. After all, it’s Hurricane season!

That is my flesh. And I hate my flesh.

But the Holy Spirit has quickened my soul with a burden for the lost – Praise God.  You and I live in the constant shadow of uncertainty and even danger – could be weather related, health, provisions, crime, uncertain future, etc.  But the very moment that we elevate that temporal fear above the eternal destination of those God intentionally places in our daily path…wow.  I am certain nothing breaks the heart of God more than that. What we are telling our Creator is that we don’t trust Him to provide and protect.  So instead of spreading His love, we stand in long lines at Home Depot – procuring enough supplies so that we can weather the storms.

So, maybe when you too hear the word Hurricane….


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