Rays Win!

The four of us guys piled into my Jeep at about 3:30pm yesterday.

The Tampa Bay Rays were playing their hated rivals the Boston Red Sox, and we scored 4 lower level tickets.  An evening at The Trop – 3 of my good friends – and first place at stake (not just of the American League East mind you, of all of baseball).  Could this be true?  The very team that has finished in last place for the past 10 years?  The laughing stock of MLB and even the late night talk shows?  Somebody wake me…

This Bay Area has Ray’s Fever, and so do the 4 grown men psyched up for a kids game, leaving work early,and wearing our favorite player jersey (Evan Almighty Longoria).

Well 3 of us were decked in Ray’s gear – Jerry is STILL a die hard Yankee fan.  We tried to tell him the NY stood for Next Year, but he stood true to his team.

With 3.5 hours till first pitch, we had time for some wings and then batting practice.  There is just something about this game of baseball that awakens the little boy in every man.

On our ride over the bridge from Tampa to St. Pete, I dialed in the local sports talk radio.  Every caller was buzzing about the Rays – this only served to flaming our excitement.  And then the host “Big Dog” welcomed John to the air waves.  After the typical “I love your show, I love the Rays” comment, John said “with the Rays winning, my life now has meaning.  My life now has purpose. I can breath again.”  We laughed and whoo-hoo’d like typical men, in agreement with John…and then an awkward silence…ouch.  We all knew the issue. All of our toes were precariously close to the same edge of the cliff that John had just fallen from.

Oh sure, everyone needs an outlet in their life. Mine is sports – a place to relax and unwind.  A place to act like a kid again.  But our outlet must never be the air that we breath – the purpose of our very existence.  John cause each one of us, to a man, to do a quick readjustment.

I whispered “I love you Jesus.”

Well the good guys won! The Sox fans left dejected. Last night, one a winner and one a loser.  But with Christ, the outcome is never in doubt.

Waiting till Next Year never has to happen.


3 responses to this post.

  1. I heard that same caller and found myself thinking just as you did! I was half expecting you to text with the hat number again. I thought of you guys as the game was ending… Looks like it was another joyful experience at the Trop…

  2. Posted by judy on July 3, 2008 at 8:56 AM

    You know I’m a big fan of yours, Roy, but what makes the Rays “the good guys”? 🙂

  3. Posted by jerry on July 3, 2008 at 12:56 PM

    watching the scoreboard display the Yankees score, watching the game and keeping an eye on Q was exciting and its only July …..Wow !
    Can’t wait til Sept 6th…..bring it !

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