Receive and Pour…

Sure it was a bit awkward.  A blind date of sorts. He and I had never met.

But yesterday I found myself headed to his office to pick him up and take him to lunch.  “He” was one of the leading authorities on Church Assimilation.  Roy Mansfield runs the international operations center for Nelson Searcy and Church Leader Insights which is headquartered here in Tampa.

After reading and downloading as much info from their organization as I could, I knew it was time to share nachos at Mariposa (my favorite Pacific Mexican EVER) with “the man”.  And he was gracious enough to allow me some time to learn from one who has gone before me.

That is the secret.

God puts in your path and mine people who have walked the road that we are on…made the mistakes…and had some success.

Early in my career I purposed to seek out the most successful people in my focus and spend time with them.  The lessons learned propelled me.  And I continue this practice every chance I get.

If there is one living legend that I could share a cup of coffee with, it would be the greatest college basketball coach of all time – John Wooden.  His UCLA teams won 10 National Championships.  He is a spry 97 years old today and continues to motivate and inspire.  Coach Wooden’s leadership principles transcend the sport itself.  I am reading his book – Wooden on Leadership now.  Check out his top ten life principles:

1 – Listen – Become a better listener than speaker.

2 – Care – Make sure those under your supervision feel that you care for them – personally and professionally.

3 – Recognize – Everybody likes a pat on the back.

4- Prepare – Do not put things off.

5 – Be Industrious – Nothing can be accomplished without hard work.

6 – Have Enthusiasm – If you don’t enjoy what you are doing, you will not inspire others to do their best.

7 – Be Patient – Good things take time.

8 – Have Confidence – You must believe in yourself.

9 – Don’t Fear Failure – Have initiative, but don’t fear failure.

10 – Win Respect – You can not win respect if you are not honest and dependable.

This model of success is called discipleship.  I challenge you to always having in your life: one that has gone before you, and one that is coming up after you.  Doesn’t matter your age or level of success.

Receive and pour….


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