What Does This Mean?

To be saved – you need to ask Jesus into your heart, right?

2 basic questions…I think.

1.  What does it mean to “invite Jesus” (Mr. or Mrs. veteran Christian) into your heart ?
2.  What do you think “invite into your heart” means to a non-believer, un-churched individual?

This discussion was birthed from an email from my hero of my faith – my dad.  He wrote “Now don’t go off and start all kind of reading and research – as Christians this should be right on the tip of your tongue. I will await your deep and carefully scripted theological response.”

Care to take a swing at this?


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by judy on July 8, 2008 at 7:23 AM

    Okay…no one else has stepped up to the plate. I guess that makes it a baseball bat to swing with. Huh, I rather like the porch swing. I’m not promising deep or carefully scripted or even theological. Just some thoughts.

    I think the answer to both those questions is simple: “Open the door.” But I think the two questions beg mixed meanings to the same answer.

    He knocks. He waits. He waits for our invitation. As believers, we know once we opened the door and asked Him in, nothing is ever the same again. I think the non-believers know the same thing. What keeps them from opening the door is fear. Remember the old axiom (something like this): “Fear knocked on the door. Faith answered. No one was there.”

    For the non-believer the situation is a little different. Christ knocks. Fear is on the other side of the door. Unless Faith nudges, pushes, yanks Fear out of the way, the door will not open. Fear will stay there trembling on the other side. We should all be in the business of handing over the mustard seeds.

  2. Posted by David G on July 8, 2008 at 8:37 AM

    Question 1. It means you are ready to let someone else be in charge of your life and direct you and love you in a way only he can.

    Question2: I believe that they are probably going to be led my their emotions for the most part.

    GREAT QUESTION by the way.

  3. It was a christian answer for a generation that needed doors to be opened. Today people want an invitation to a relationship. I personally am trying to get away from the stereo-typical “say this prayer with me” and instead invite them into a relationship and a new way of living beyond themselves. This generation wants answers and not a list of things they have to stop doing. Jesus didn’t die on a cross for them to stop doing things, he died so that they could start to do something, make a difference and make His name famous. That is the invite they need. Sorry if it doesn’t really address the question but honestly relationships are messy and different. Some people come to Christ through a formal prayer and some come to Him after months of sitting and listening and realizing one day they need Him. It’s different and I just wish the church would sometimes catch that. Jesus didn’t win people the same way and neither will we. Maybe we should put our idea “inviting Jesus into your heart” on the shelf and invite people to live life with us and then, when we are real enough, vulnerable enough, will they understand what it means to invite Jesus in.

  4. Posted by Thad on July 14, 2008 at 1:34 AM

    Answer to Q#1: Absolute surrender of your life and your purpose to someone you can trust forever, Jesus.

    Answer to Q#2: To love someone and let Him love you, but not the eternal part and not the part about surrendering of our need for control.

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