The One Thing Is _________

I suppose the answer is subjective.

While I believe it is correct, you could argue something different.


Thanks to all who played – lots of emails and a few posts to the Blog.  Looks like the grand prize will have to roll over to next week, you all were wrong  – my game, my rules 😉

To recap – the question posed:

“So tell me, what is the one thing that you want every new believer at (insert the name of your church) to know once they are assimilated?  In fact, what is the one thing you would want every believing member of the church you attend/your neighbors/family/home church, etc.  to know?”


The answer?

John 10:27.

Don’t have it memorized?  I didn’t either, but I do now.  Stop what you are doing – reading this insignificant journal, and grab your bible.  Pray that the Holy Spirit give you eyes to see and an understanding of what you are about to read.  When you are done, come back here and finish reading.

(Hey – stop reading THIS till you’ve read the verse!)

Now, ask Him…Your Pappa God…”God, what are you saying to me….”  And then be still long enough to hear Him.

The one thing?  To learn to hear the voice of my Father….


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by JessicaC on July 16, 2008 at 6:51 PM

    Thanks Mr. Roy. I love it

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