God…Is That You???

OK – so if the one thing…the one thing that all of us Christ followers should know is how to hear the voice of our Creator, this leads me to a bunch of really BIG questions:

  • How do I hear His voice?
  • How do I know what I THINK is His voice REALLY is His voice.
  • And what if I try and try and try, but I just can’t hear Him?

Thank you Jose for your tutelage and information.  You have really challenged me.

God’s Holy Spirit uses many different ways to reach us and speak to us.  Some you will immediately identify with, others not so much.  While this list may not be complete, these are the most common ways God speaks to us (G. Nelson):

  1. Sends a messenger –  Luke 1:26, Judges 6:11
  2. Audible Voice  –  Exodus 3:4, Joshua 1:1-2
  3. Fleece  – Judges 6:36-40
  4. Through His Written Word  – II Tim 3:16-17
  5. Through others – Romans 10: 14-15
  6. Prophetic Gifts (Wisdom, Knowledge, Faith, Tongues) – I Cor 12:7-10
  7. Visions – Acts 2:17-21, Joel 2:28
  8. Dreams – Acts 2:17
  9. Circumstances – Romans 8:28-29
  10. Inner witness – Romans 8: 16
  11. Still small voice – I Kings 19:12
  12. Intuitive thoughts  – Acts 2:17-21
  13. Sings over us, with Joy! –  Zephaniah 3:17

Don’t just read the verse locations – grab your Bible and dig in!

What if your Pappa God has been speaking to you through one of the above 13 forever, but you weren’t tuned in.  It’s kinda like those old transistor radios – the kind that you must manually dial in to hear your local stations.  Unless you know a clear channel exists just down the dial, you may never spin the wheel left or right.

Try it…I dare you.

Monday, let’s look at the next really BIG question – How do we know what we THINK is His voice, REALLY is His voice???


One response to this post.

  1. Roy,

    Do you mean to tell me there is no speed-dial or iPhone link? Bummer.

    Nice post – I got it.

    Cheers to you Maverick!


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