Daddy, Where Are You?

My worst fear…

Losing one of my girls.

I mean losing in the sense that I was responsible – I took 4 of them somewhere by myself and came home with a number less than 4.

Saturday afternoon, some 10 years ago, I took them to umm…say Sports Authority – all 4 of them.  In hindsight I was in way over my head – me and 4 little girls ranging in age from 7 down to 3.

We HAD to go – mom was out of town and I just had to have _________ (so important that for the life of me I can’t remember why I went).   Some how, in the midst of one eye on the girls and the other on some new shiny sports toy, I lost track of my 4 year old.  An electric panic shot through my 6’4 frame.  Instinctively  I grabbed the other 3 girls and began running through the store yelling her name.  After the longest 3 minutes of my life, my little girl came up behind me and said “here I am daddy – I heard your voice and found you”.  To this day I remember that moment like it just happened.

I was desperate – and so was my child.

A child can recognize her daddy’s voice…makes sense that a child of God can recognize His voice too. So, how do we know with all of the noise around us, what we are hearing is in fact the voice of our Pappa God? (Again, thanks Jose for your mentoring here)

We must know His character to distinguish his voice.

•    Love – Does compassion become evident?

•    Joy –  Is there an inner strength that you receive?

•    Peace – Does it calm your heart?  (MAIN WAY TO DETECT)

•    Patience – Do you feel pushed to do so immediately or do you get special strength to wait for His timing?

•    Kindness – Does it make you want to love?

•    Goodness – Does it move you to do something out of the ordinary, to encourage or be a blessing?

•    Faithfulness – Does it give you a desire to keep going?

•    Gentleness  – Does this put a soft touch in your heart?

•    Self-control –  Do you get a special Supernatural will power to do what is right?

I am convinced that if you filter all of the noise around you through the above check points, the voice of your Creator will rise above the distractions. We all desperately want to hear the voice of our Daddy.  I believe that He desperately wants to communicate with His kids.  He is always speaking.

It’s up to us to pick out His voice through the noise of our lives.

Tomorrow let’s look at the 4 major elements to hearing God’s voice.


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