Creating a Passing Lane

One of the joys in my life is watching my 13 year old daughter Bailey play basketball.

She is good, and has an instinct that is unteachable.  Bay is using a gift that God has given her.  Right now, this gift is perfecting and manifesting itself in a simple game.  My prayer is that one day this gift is used to impact the lives around her.

But for now, I coach her from the sidelines while she plays between the lines.

Bay plays in a summer league of mostly all boys.  Her all girl team finished the season with zero wins.  Ouch.  But these girls are better players now because of the better competition.  I look most forward to our ride home after the games.  It is here that coach and player – father and daughter, can dissect the game…what worked, and didn’t.

At 13, Bay is 5’8 and athletic.  Taller than anyone on her team, she still plays a 3 position.  She can dribble, pass and shoot…all prerequisites for a 3 (forward).

But this past Saturday I noticed a sloppy trend in her play.  While waiting for the guard to pass her the ball, she stood still – unaffected by the defensive players position around her.  In basketball, you must move.  On offense, you must move to create a passing lane.  If a defender is between you and the ball, you GOTTA move!  Reminds me of a quote I read:

“The future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious. ”
– John Sculley, Former CEO of Apple

In basketball, you create a passing lane BEFORE it becomes obvious to your opponent.

While instinct comes naturally to some, technique is learned.  We maximize our potential when we combine our God given instinct with smart heady technique.

In our faith walk,  that same passing lane is eternally more significant.  When sin stands between us and our Creator – we GOTTA move!  Satan plays a mean man-to-man.  Standing still makes his job easy.


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