My Top 5 Most Favorite Gadgets

(Ok, so here comes the justification…)

My hobby is tech gadgets.  I don’t fish, hunt, play golf, bowl, poker, or any other activity that we guys typically use to fill our spare time.  I just love gadgets.

But for me to part with my money the gadget must meet a few criteria:

– Must play nice with my other gadgets.  If it does not get along, it gets returned.

– Must help me be more efficient with my time.

– Must improve on my current gadget processes.

– Must be “reasonably” priced.

If the new offering makes it through those filters, it’s game on.  Then it’s all about finding the best price (my last purchase from Circuit City was $20 higher than what I found on Amazon.  After a healthy discussion with the Circuit City manager, she grudgingly price matched the Internet).

So here are my current top 5 gadgets:

1 – Mac Book Pro Laptop.

Creativity, speed, stability, fun, power, plays well with others.

2 – I Phone

Without a doubt, the single best cell phone available.  Features, Apps, usability, functionality, fun, and plays well with others.

3 – TIVO

Watch what I want when I want minus commercials. No brainer.

4 – Flip Mino

Newest addition to my gadget family.  Small fun video recorder that clips right onto my laptop bag.  Perfect for capturing those spontaneous real time moments that a camera just can’t.

5 – GPS

Tell me how to get there the quickest way.  All from the front instead of the backseat 😉

What are yours?


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Animal on August 4, 2008 at 3:09 PM

    What do yu mean you don’t like to hunt, fish, or even bowling?… Geeez!!! I dont know about you big!!!.. I’m just shocked and appalled.

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