We Don’t Care About You…

Oh, we say we care.  We throw a few resources at them…maybe even support a missionary on a college campus or add a token responsibility to a pastor’s job description to make us feel good.

“Oh you do care? Really?  Then where are the people my age in this church?”

Is it important for our churches to have a good balance of age?  If so, then the trend of an aging church population should rattle the pews across this country.

Check out the Generation Chart:

  • 1980-2000 – Millennials or Generation Y
    1965-1979 – Generation X
    1946-1964 – Baby Boom
    1925-1945 – Silent Generation
    1900-1924 – G.I. Generation

Our next generation of leaders will come from Generation Y.  And stats tell me that most of our churches are irrelevant to this people group.  If we are going to reach them, we must understand them.

Generation Y Cons:

Impatient: Raised in world dominated by technology and instant gratification.
Skeptical: In recent years there has been more scamming, cheating, lying and exploiting than
ever from the major figures in the media. This includes everyone from rock stars to the president.
Blunt and expressive: Self expression is favored over self control. Making their point is most
They are image-driven: Making personal statements with their image is very important.
They are still young: Although they have a “seen it all, done it all” air about them, lack of life
experience means that they don’t know everything yet. They are aware of this and are not afraid
to ask questions. For this generation, it is better and more time-saving to ask questions, than to
waste time trying to figure it out.

Generation Y Pros:

Adaptability: Generation Y is used to adapting and being comfortable in various situations.
Technologically savvy: Growing up in the age of technology and taking advantage of it.

Ability to grasp new concepts: This is a learning-oriented generation

Efficient multi-taskers: They will do it faster and better than their competition.

Tolerant: Generation Y will make the increasingly diverse workforce feel at home and

Social Minded: Gen Y has a heart for their community.  They want to DO something.

This Sunday, look around your church.  Average age creeping closer towards AARP, like me?   I praise God for churches who welcomes, engages, and continues to nurture ALL generations!  Those that have gone before us have made it possible for our generation.

But if the scale is tipping, we must become very intentional about reaching Gen Y.


They want to DO something for the cause of Christ.  Buildings don’t impress them.  Programs don’t draw them.  Just “maintaining” the status quo bores them.

Give them a cause.  Give them a chance to make a difference.  Give them an avenue to practice and develop their “love” ability.

There exists a delicate balance between “Mary and Martha” – doing and being.  And our churches must begin to re-balance our scales.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Nick on August 10, 2008 at 1:34 AM

    someone understands my generation.

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