Too Slick?

Well marketed presentations by many of our churches are still the “in thing”.

But the times are changing…

Many of our gospel presentations are not the “…old old story” anymore.  If we pressed many of our newest members, do not be surprised to hear a few of them say “I still don’t see why Jesus needs to be a part of all this church stuff.”

If the gospel presentation does not include the shed blood of Jesus Christ (penal substitutionary Atonement), then Jesus is not Lord and Savior, but just a good guy with good ideas…

Pastor Adam Talbott once wrote that as we endeavor to remain relevant to our culture and rising generations, “we should never edit the gospel, but simply explain it as clearly as possible in its given context.  Gospel clarity will result in frequent gospel rejection, but it is the Holy Spirit’s job, not ours, to open hearts to believe the unbelievable.


One response to this post.

  1. AMEN Brother !!! There are so many American Churches that are losing focus of what the Church was intended for, to teach the word of God in all its truth, NOT to tickle ears so many will come and join the Church country club because its cool to join that funky cool Church!!! The Church today has lost its reverence and simplicity. The American Church come’s up with all the “gimmicks” to draw people in, instead of going OUT. I believe their are a lot of unsaved people who think they are saved because they repeated the so called “initiation prayer” to become a member!

    GOD Have Mercy on the American Church. Many will say … Lord, Lord !!

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