Quick – off the top of your head tell me what you believe to be the role of your pastor????…

As I trace back the history of “the church” from today to the book of Acts, there are a few modern tenants that exist within our “Christianity” that have actually morphed, over time, into an expected truth.  The role of a pastor is one of them.

Consider what Erwin McManus, lead pastor of Mosaic, was quoted as saying in Outreach Magazine (Sept/Oct 2008):

“I think the role of pastors at this time in history is to be a curator of human talent. They need to learn how to cultivate, how to identify, how to nurture, how to develop and unleash the God-given potential in every person.”

Instead of us as a congregation being the gathers to bring the lost to him (little “h” meaning – the pastor) for little h to preach the message of salvation – what if the pastor curated, cultivated, nurtured, developed, and then unleashed his flock to share the love of Jesus with their hurting community?

What if….