The Republican VP candidate – Sarah Palin – is, above every well deserved accolade, inspirational.

As a daddy to 4 young ladies, I look at things through a pink-tinted lens.  My heart and desire is to enable my girls to become everything God has gifted and called them to be.  And anytime a female can break through a stereotype or glass ceiling, it only makes my job easier.  Not just for my girls, but for every female that has ever been told that she couldn’t do something.

Guess that’s why I was troubled when I came across the following by Sam S. Rainer III-

The Wall Street Journal reported on some unique research by Julia Duin, compiled in her book Quitting Church. One excerpt from the article caught my attention:

Women in particular leave evangelical churches, Ms. Duin says, because they are asked to do too little by their churches. Ms. Duin, who has a seminary degree, writes: “I have been one of those unwanted women for years.” In fact, Ms. Duin’s interest in her subject is partly autobiographical: She left a church in 2001 and didn’t find a new one until 2007. She has lived through the process of church-quitting, and she has interviewed a lot of people with the same experience.

The surprise in her findings is not that men or women leave the church because they cannot find a place to contribute. Previous research validates that low expectations correlate to low assimilation. What alarms me is the specific exodus of women. Given that, in most churches, the majority of attendees and worshipers are women, her findings should make us all think how to disciple and empower women better in the church.

Above all organizations – please hear me church….


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  1. Thank you Roy, from all us women out there, for all our daughters, sisters, mothers on and on. What a refreshing Blog….I love it, Again thank you my friend.God bless you greatly, Lou

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