I’m Glad You Don’t Believe In The Bible…

Why I’m Glad Some at Grace Family Church Don’t Believe in the Bible

Tim Stevens is a pastor at Granger Community Church. A journal entry of his caused me to evaluate some things near and dear to my heart.

A recent survey in a church very similar to the one I attend revealed that 57% of those attending do not believe in the authority of the Bible. Ouch.

But wait…

I can think of some worse statistics. I would much rather be in a church where 57% don’t believe in the Bible than in a church where 100% of those attending do believe in the Bible. That would be awful!

Imagine a church that was completely filled with those already convinced…where no one invited an unchurched friend…where the Christians had grown stagnant in their pursuit of knowledge and stopped putting the gospel into practice…where the church had made Jesus so unattractive that no one on a search for purpose or meaning would consider coming. Tim said “If I found myself in such a church, I would be weeping.”

As a church we are doing everything we know how to do in order to bring everyone into a growing and vibrant relationship with Jesus.

Crunching our numbers, I estimate that about 15% of the people who attend our church every weekend are still exploring Christianity. That’s awesome! So why then should we expect pre-Christians to believe Jesus is the only way to eternal life? In addition, I would guess that another 42% in our church are baby Christians. They’ve given their life to Jesus, but they are still very young in their faith. Most of them didn’t grow up in church, and for many of them, Grace is their first and only church experience. They come, make a decision to follow Christ, and then begin to learn and become un-programmed from the values and philosophies of the world.

No, we aren’t happy that 47% of those attending don’t believe in salvation through Jesus Christ. But in a community steeped in “Hey, everyday is a vacation here in Sunny Florida”, I’m excited that hundreds are coming and learning and taking their First Step. Yes, we want to see that percentage come down, but I will be very sad on the day that we find everyone at our church comprehends the grace of Jesus.

I will cringe if the day ever comes when only the church gathers on the weekend…or when the supposed mature Christians stop inviting their friends to hear the good news…or when we have a church filled with people who ace their theology exam but flunk their practice-ology test.

Thank you Tim for your above blue print to an understanding critical to the life of our church.

As I removed Tim’s church name and inserted mine – I challenge you to do the same….


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