Adapted from Trend Watching…

I am always careful when drawing comparative analysis from the corporate world to our local churches.  God is God, and He doesn’t need slick Madison Avenue to help Him do His thing. But we would be foolish not to keep one eye on the trends.  Why? Because their audience is our audience.

So, consider a new word:

PERKONOMICS. It’s an easy-to-apply trend, covering the rise of novel perks and privileges that deliver on consumers’ need for status, convenience and, in these turbulent times, a little bit of empathy.

Time—that is, the lack of it—is still one of the biggest consumer trends around. Anything that you can do to help save precious time is worth its weight in, well, long lazy uninterrupted days. And that includes not wasting time, too.

So… If we deliver two major benefits that our church members clearly crave—connection and convenience—what’s the congregational benefit?

Well, how about:

  • Perks bring much-needed love in upturns and downturns, potentially leading to more ‘brand love’.
  • Perks help us out by conferring a (renewed) sense of uniqueness.
  • Perks, when done well, foster customer loyalty.
  • Perks can give you the leading edge when it comes to attracting first-timers.
  • Perks can make for great if not invaluable PR; customers will tell others—perks are excellent conversation starters—while the media (trend watchers included) love a good perk story.
  • Perks can help make boring companies interesting again, and thus more far reaching.

The best way to approach PERKONOMICS is to dream up genuinely interesting and unexpected benefits and privileges that will delight some or all.

After all, as believers of Jesus Christ, we all know a thing or two about Perks…..


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