First Step

OK, I admit it.

Church work can be…well…work.  Peering from the outside in through the ornate stained glass windows, one would think that those that work inside the holy of holies spend their days lost within 8 hour worship sets.  Hardly.

Some days are no better than your average corporate workday – in fact, they are worse.

I guess that’s why I love hosting our new member class.  We call it First Step – a once a month, high energy, info packed evening created for those who are checking out our church.  From fun videos, cool music, crazy pastor trivia, heart-history-and strategy info given by our Senior Pastor, to a salvation message at the end of the night, it’s a blast!

I get to see the hand of God through the eyes of new believers and new members, and this recharges my soul.  It’s similar to taking a child to Disney World for the first time – the wonder, freshness, and dreams become alive.

Here are last night’s stats:

Total Attendance = 62
New GFC Members (decided to join our church) = 39
New Volunteers = 25
Accepted Christ = 9

Praise God!   May we never take for granted the movement of God.  Remember, “we don’t have to…we GET to”!

And He has given us front row seats.


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