Me Too…

If it’s true that others identify more with our failures than our successes, then consider the following:

How can death produce life?

Our church will serve communion (Lord’s Supper, the Eucharist) this weekend.  Rob Bell has challenged me in ways I have never been challenged in his new book “Jesus Wants To Save Christians”.

“This is how the Eucharist works.

For someone to receive, someone has to give.

For someone to be fed, someone has to provide the food.

If someone is inspired, which means life has been breathed into them, then somebody else had life breathed out of them.

If someone somewhere benefits, then someone somewhere has paid something.

God gives the world life through the breaking of Christ’s body and the pouring out of Christ’s blood. And God continues to give the world life through the body of Christ – who Paul tells his friends at Corinth is them.

They are His body. The body of Christ.

The church is the living Eucharist, because followers of Christ are living Eucharists.

A Christian is a living Eucharist, allowing her body to be broken and her blood to be poured out for the healing of the world.

So what?  Here comes the connection:

Writer Anne Lamott says the most powerful sermon in the world is two words: “Me Too.” (cue Cardboard Testimony video clip)

Me too.

When you are struggling,

when you are hurting,

wounded, limping, doubting,

questioning, barely hanging on,

moments away from another relapse,

and somebody can identify with you –

someone knows the temptations that are at your door,

somebody has felt the pain that you are feeling,

when someone can look you in the eyes and say, “Me too,”

and they actually mean it –

it can save you.

When you aren’t judged,

or lectured,

or looked down upon,

but somebody demonstrates that they get it,

that they know what it’s like,

that you aren’t alone,

that’s “me too.”

The power of the Eucharist comes from its weakness, not its strength.  And its in our weakness that He is made strong.  And others are drawn to Him.

Yea…… too.

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