Uprising – Bell rings in 30 minutes….

One of my most favorite things I do is to hang out with our 8 church interns and talk Christian Literature. Today we wrap up Foster’s Celebration of Discipline.  Here’s what I’m hitting them with this morning:

Simplicity:  Frees us for the tyranny of the self, the tyranny of things, and the tyranny of people.
1.     Poser.  Describe.
2.     Describe Christian simplicity
3.     What is the greatest danger in being a simple Christian? Why must we take the risk?
4.     What is producing an addiction in you?
5.     The 9th principle – reject anything that will breed an addiction in you. Explain
6.     List one thing that you could do this week to simplify your life.

Solitude: Henry Nowin noted that without solitude it is virtually impossible to lead a spiritual life.
1.    Why? (We are freed from our bondage to people and our inner compulsions and feed to love God and know compassion for others.
2.     What is the difference between loneliness and solitude? Which do you experience more?
3.     What keeps you from solitude?
4.     What can you do to reorder your life to create more space for God

1.    Worship centers in the experience of reality. What does that mean?
2.     What is “real” worship?
3.     How do we cultivate a “holy expectancy”?
4.     Have you ever had any sense that God is seeking you out and drawing you into fellowship with Him?
5.     17th century theologian Robert Barclay spoke of the worship experience as being “gathered in the power of the Lord”. Explain
6.      Agree or disagree – the Bible does not bind us to any universal form of worship. Can you think of any worship forms that should be universally binding upon all cultures of Christians at all times?
7.     What advantages or disadvantages do you see in the formalized liturgy used in Catholicism as opposed to the more informal worship forms used in churches like Grace?
8.     Just as worship begins in Holy Expectancy it ends in Holy Obedience. What does that mean?

Celebration: a happy characteristic of those who walk with the Lord.
1.     Do you enjoy God?
2.     Why do we find celebration so difficult?
3.     Do you find it easy to laugh at yourself?


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