The One Thing…

Spiritual growth.  How do I achieve this?

We all want it, right?

So what is the one thing, the one practice that will accelerate growth more than any other discipline?

In Follow Me, the second book out of the Willow Creek Association and follow-up to their incredibly insightful REVEAL research confirmed that a Christ follower who consistently stated this experienced the growth that all of us Christians desire: “I reflect on the meaning of Scripture in my life.”


The word itself implies a thoughtful and intentional process.  When I read the Bible, I skim.  Rarely do I reflect. As Hawkins wrote in Follow Me, ” (Reflection) is thoughtful, personal meditation that catalyzes spiritual growth.

Are we aware that no matter where we are on our spiritual journey, nothing matters more to our growth – including church services, volunteering, small groups – than time spent in God’s Word? Nothing beats the Bible.”

Want to do your part in advancing the Kingdom today?  There is nothing more strategic or effective than grabbing a passage from the Bible and reflecting on it all day.


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