The Warrior-Poet is a several thousand-year-old tradition of dedication to developing the body and the mind as one. He guides with wisdom and courage. He is defined by his dedication to his crafts of warfare, and intellectual study and reflection.

The Warrior-Poet is a spiritual warrior.

When I grow up I want to be him!!!!

Over sushi last week my buddy Stephen had me read an excerpt from Knights Templar: The Essential History – men who were, at the same time,  both knights and monks.  Every young man is enthralled with Knights.  Every Christ follower longs to be more like the one he follows.  This band of brothers combined both.  Here is a piece of that passage I read:

“The unique attraction to the Templars was their combination of war and worship, the two passions of the age.”

So tonight is a man’s night – no girls allowed. Me and a few of my band of brothers will gather in the man cave to watch In Search of History – The Knights Templar (History Channel).  I sense the underlying rumble of the birth of a ministry.  Can’t pinpoint it yet, but this is a familiar feeling.

Warrior Worshipper.  Just reading that out loud awakens something within me.

Where can I find a few turkey legs?


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